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Pharyngeal Manometry

High Resolution Pharyngeal Manometry (HRPM) focuses on the UES examination. It is used to determine the bolus trajectory pathway and the resultant intrabolus pressures.

This technique can be used to measure the pressures generated by muscle contraction within the pharyngeal and UES region. HRPM has traditionally been utilized in gastroenterology diagnostic clinical and research applications, and it is recently finding new and important applications in speech pathology and laryngology practices to improve therapeutic interventions.

A High-Resolution Pharyngeal Manometry International Working Group was formed in the effort to establish a consensus on methodology, protocol, and outcome metrics for high-resolution pharyngeal manometry (HRPM) with consideration of impedance as an adjunct modality.

The solutions distributed by EB Neuro guarantee both the analysis and interpretation of the HRPM results with reference values ​​integrated into the software. Visit the EB Neuro Academy session or contact us to know more details.