• Catheter HRPM Solid State

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Catheter HRPM Solid State

Our reusable solid state catheters need no study preparation or calibration and use only one connector for all pressures. The catheters can be cleaned mechanically, rather than manually, due to the special watertight cap. All this allows you to spend more time with your patients. 

You have a great variety of catheters to choose from, offering a solution for each of your patient groups, each of your investigation types, and for each budget. We can even make a customized catheter to your own design for research or for very specific investigations, on request. Optionally, impedance electrodes and lumen can be added.


Visit EB Neuro Academy session or contact us to find the right solid state catheter for you.


There is also available a full range of solid-state catheters for:

  • HRAM and 360 degrees HRAM (anorectal)
  • HRCM (colon)
  • HRSM (small bowel/antroduodenum)
  • Sphincter of Oddi

in a variety of diameters ranging and pressure channels.

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