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Transcranial Doppler

The Transcranial Delica Doppler system is a non-invasive technology that estimates the blood flow velocity in intracranial, extracranial, peripheral, and microvascular districts. It can be used in the evaluation of neurological vascular diseases (such as vasospasm and intracranial stenosis), in the intraoperative monitoring of intracranial blood flow at different stages of surgery, and the Assessment of Cerebral Death.

The Transcranial Delica Doppler robotic monitoring system represents the best Doppler signal via a mono-lateral and bi-lateral operating mechanism. The manual and automatic management of the two Doppler probes is based on mechatronic controls and guarantees a double degree of freedom, using a specific support helmet.

The Transcranial Delica Doppler system is equipped with wide frequency band probes (from 1.6 to 8 MHz) and CW / PW technology. It allows the simultaneous use of one or two channels, the preview of up to 8 spectra at different depths, a fast exam execution, and automated management of patient information and reports. The instrument offers the possibility to manage the flow of exams with maximum versatility via mouse, keyboard, dedicated remote control, and touchscreen.

The non-invasive system allows to perform cerebrovascular and extracranial diagnostic investigation, and (unilateral, bilateral, and multilateral) long-term cerebrovascular monitoring providing a solution for the following clinical applications, such:

  • Intracranial stenosis;
  • Detection of vasospasm due to subarachnoid hemorrhage and of arteriovenous malformations (AVMs);
  • Evaluation of collateral pathways;
  • Documentation of major sudden changes in flow rates;
  • Calculation and trend display of flow rates in the operating room during drug administration;
  • Evaluation regarding surgical procedures and the chance of microemboli;
  • Demonstration of the effects on intracranial blood flow velocity resulting from the use of new drugs or investigational drugs