• Neurotravel Light

    The smartest way for your EEG

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Neurotravel Light

Neurotravel LIGHT is a latest generation USB powered amplifier perfect in departments where an easily transportable and performing solution is required. The compact size and compatibility with all types of electrodes make Neurotravel LIGHT ideal for a modern 32-channel Video EEG laboratory. 



  • 51 total inputs: 32 monopolar inputs, 8 bipolar inputs, 8 additional inputs and 3 optional channels (SpO2, HR, PLET).
  • Head impedance check via colored LEDs. 
  • USB powered amplifier and flash.


  • Possibility of mounting in different configurations: laptop or workstation
  • Integrated and self-calibrating pulse oximetry module for SpO2, HR and PLET
  • Full HD EEG Video Module
  • Compatible with Windows 10 Professional
  • Galileo Suite functionality (link)
  • SDK for direct access to EEG data for research
  • The (optional) HL7 Compatibility allows integration and communication with other software platforms for the exchange of medical data



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