• BE Plus LTM

    Multifunctional EEG ideal for long-term monitoring

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BE Plus LTM is a latest generation high performance amplifier designed to meet the needs of modern epilepsy monitoring units and research centers. 

BE Plus LTM has a high sampling rate and excellent signal quality to meet the needs of a wide range of EEG and LTM applications, including epilepsy surgery. The ability to connect with the DSM module allows the system to interface with a cortical stimulator, making this configuration ideal for functional brain mapping. 



  • 75 total inputs: 64 monopolar inputs, 8 bipolar inputs and 3 optional channels (SpO2, HR, PLET).
  • Ready for EP/ERP acquisitions. 
  • Integrated event button.
  • Interfaceable via Ethernet and Wi-Fi.
  • Can be interfaced with the DSM unit for cortical stimulation mapping functions.
  • Designed for use with grid / strip electrodes and depth electrodes.


  • Battery powered system available in 4 versions for recordings from 64 to 256 EEG channels
  • From 4 to 16 integrated auxiliary channels that can be used with a wide range of sensors (EOG, EMG, ECG, breath, acceleration, temperature, etc.)
  • High sampling rate and wide bandwidth
  • Scalable system that allows you to increase the number of channels with additional plug and play modules
  • Compatible with Windows 10 Professional
  • Integration with EEGLab, Matlab, LSL (Lab Streaming Layer), OpenViBE
  • SDK for direct access to EEG data for research



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