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In questa pagina sono segnalate le pubblicazioni scientifiche di EB NEURO, ovvero gli articoli scientifici, le ricerche inserite in volumi e gli abstract basati su strumentazione e tecnologia EB NEURO.

Le pubblicazioni scientifiche qui raccolte rappresentano in modo efficace l'elevato valore tecnico e clinico delle soluzioni EB NEURO, in un arco di tempo prolungato, che va dalla fine degli anni Novanta ai nostri giorni.


Anno 2019

  • S.Kurkin, E.Pitsik, N.Frolov - Artificial intelligence systems for classifying EEG responses to imaginary and real movements of operators - Proceedings Volume 11067, Saratov Fall Meeting 2018: Computations and Data Analysis: from Nanoscale Tools to Brain Functions; 1106709 (2019) - (Link).

  • D.S.Grishina, O.N.Pavlova, Y.Kh.Mohammad, A.E.Runnova, A.N.Pavlov, A.E.Hramov - Separation between real and imaginary movements from multichannel EEG signals - Proceedings Volume 11067, Saratov Fall Meeting 2018: Computations and Data Analysis: from Nanoscale Tools to Brain Functions; 110670F (2019) - (Link).

  • M.O.Zhuravlev, A.E.Runnova, A.E.Hramov - Methods of assessing the degree of synchronization of multichannel EEG recordings Proceedings Volume 11067, Saratov Fall Meeting 2018: Computations and Data Analysis: from Nanoscale Tools to Brain Functions; 1106705 (2019) - (Link).

Anno 2018

  • E.Santarnecchi, D.Momi, G.Sprugnoli, F.Neri, A.Pascual-Leone, A.Rossi, S.Rossi - Modulation of network-to-network connectivity via spike-timing-dependent noninvasive brain stimulation - Hum Brain Mapp. 2018; 1–14 - STM9000 Magnetic Stimulator (Link).

  • V.A.Maksimenko, A.E.Runnova, M.O.Zhuravlev, P.Protasov, R.Kulanin, M.V.Khramova, A.N.Pisarchik, A.E.Hramov - Human personality reflects spatio-temporal and time-frequency EEG structure - PLOS ONE, https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0197642 September 7, 2018 - Be Plus LTM System (Download).

  • R.Karkal, N.Goyal, S.K.Tikka, R.V.Khanande, A.Kakunje, C.R. J. Khess - Sensory Gating Deficits and their Clinical Correlates in Drug‑Free/Drug‑Naive Patients with Schizophrenia - Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine, Volume 40, Issue 3, May-June 2018 - Mizar 40 System (Download).

  • R.Fisher, J.Zhou, A.Fogarty, A.Joshi, M.Markert, G.K.Deutsch, M.Velez - Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation directed to a seizure focus localized by high-density EEG: A case report - Epilepsy & Behavior Case Reports 10 (2018) 47–53 - STM9000 Magnetic Stimulator (Download).

  • A.N.Pavlov, A.E.Runnova, V.A.Maksimenko, O.N.Pavlova, D.S.Grishina, A.E.Hramov - Detrended fluctuation analysis of EEG patterns associated with real and imaginary arm movements - Physica A 509 (2018) 777–782 - Be Plus LTM System (Link).

  • V.A.Maksimenko, A.E.Runnova, N.S.Frolov, V.V.Makarov, V.Nedaivozov, A.A.Koronovskii, A.Pisarchik, A.E.Hramov - Multiscale neural connectivity during human sensory processing in the brain - Physical Review E 97, 052405 (2018) - Be Plus LTM System (Link).

  • A.Runnova, M.Zhuravlev, R.Kulanin, P.Protasov, A.Hramov, A.Koronovskii - The study of human higher mental functions as they relate to neurophysiological processes and personal characteristics - Proc. SPIE 10493, Dynamics and Fluctuations in Biomedical Photonics XV, 1049319 (13 February 2018) - Be Plus System (Link).

  • A.Runnova, M.Zhuravlev, R.Kulanin, P.Protasov, T.Efremova - Analysis of psycho-physiological features of a subject in simple tests with the registration of electroencephalograms - Proc. SPIE 10717, Saratov Fall Meeting 2017: Laser Physics and Photonics XVIII; and Computational Biophysics and Analysis of Biomedical Data IV, 107171K (26 April 2018) - Be Plus System (Link).

  • Chen-Sen Ouyang, Ching-Tai Chiang, Rei-Cheng Yang, Rong-Ching Wu, Hui-Chuan Wu - Quantitative EEG findings and response to treatment with antiepileptic medications in children with epilepsy - Brain & Development Volume 40, Issue 1, January 2018, 26–35 - Mizar 33 System (Link).

  • Hanjun Kim, Hoyoung Lee, Kwang-Ik Jung, Suk Hoon Ohn, Woo-Kyoung Yoo - Changes in Diffusion Metrics of the Red Nucleus in Chronic Stroke Patients With Severe Corticospinal Tract Injury: A Preliminary Study - Ann Rehabil Med. 2018 Jun; 42(3): 396–405 - STM9000 Magnetic Stimulator (Download).

Anno 2017

  • S.Lori, S.Gabbanini, M.Bastianelli, G.Bertini, I.Corsini, C.Dani - Multimodal neurophysiological monitoring in healthy infants born at term: normative continuous somatosensory evoked potentials data - Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology 2017, 59: 959–964 - NeMus 2 ICU Version (Download).

  • G.Borghini, P.Aricò, G.Di Flumeri, G.Cartocci, A.Colosimo, S.Bonelli, A.Golfetti, J.P.Imbert, G.Granger, R.Benhacene, S.Pozzi, F.Babiloni - EEG-Based Cognitive Control Behaviour Assessment: an Ecological study with Professional Air Traffic Controllers - Scientific Reports | 7:547 | DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-00633-7 - Be Micro System (Download).

  • R.He, Y.Hu, H.Zeng, J.Zhao, J.Zhao, Y.Chai, F.Lu, F.Liu, W.Jia - Vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of peripheral neuropathy in Chinese patients with type 2 diabetes - Diabetes Metab Res Rev 2017; 33: e2820 - Myto System (Download).

  • Ko-Un Kim, Soo-Han Kim, Tae-Gyu An - The effects of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) on depression, visual perception, and activities of daily living in stroke patients - J. Phys. Ther. Sci. 29: 1036–1039, 2017 - STM9000 Magnetic Stimulator (Download).

  • Chan-Kyu Kim, Dae-Sung Park, Byung-Hoon Lee - Effects of neck pain patients Using TheraTainmental Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Myofascial Release - Journal of the Korea Entertainment Industry Association. 11. 239 - STM9000 Magnetic Stimulator (Link).

  • M.E.MorelliM.PadovaniA.PasottoE.BoariniP.ManganottiF.Monti - Tele-elettroencephalography to diagnose and treat epilepsy in a rural hospital in the south of Madagascar - Volume 128, Issue 12, December 2017, Page e427 - (Link).

  • H.-K.Wang, H.Yan, K.Wang, J.Wang - Dynamic regulation effect of long non-coding RNA-UCA1 on NF-kB in hippocampus of epilepsy rats - European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences 2017; 21: 3113-3119 - Sirius BB EEG diagnostic system (Download).

  • D.Perruchod - Validation of a Modev of Sensorimotor Integration with Clinical Benefits - Thesis, University of Lausanne - STM9000 Magnetic Stimulator (Download).

Anno 2016

  • Lung-Chang Lin, S.Chia-Ju Chen, Ching-Tai Chiang, Hui-Chuan Wu, Rei-Cheng Yang, Chen-Sen Ouyang - Classification Preictal and Interictal Stages via Integrating Interchannel and Time-Domain Analysis of EEG Features - Clinical EEG and Neuroscience, Volume 48, Issue 2, 139.145, May 2016 - Mizar 33 System (Download).

  • G.Cartocci, P.Cherubino, D.Rossi, E.Modica, A.G.Maglione, G.di Flumeri, F.Babiloni - Gender and Age Related Effects While Watching TV Advertisements: An EEG Study - Hindawi Publishing Corporation Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience Volume 2016, Article ID 3795325, 10 pages - Be Micro System (Download).

  • Tao Chen, Yang Si, Deng Chen, Lina Zhu, Da Xu, Sihan Chen, Dong Zhou, Ling Liu - The value of 24-hour video-EEG in evaluating recurrence risk following a first unprovoked seizure: A prospective study - Seizure 40 (2016) 46–51 (Download).

  • A.G.Maglione, G.Cartocci, D.Rossi, E.Modica, P.Malerba, G.Borghini, P.Aricò, G.Di Flumeri, F.Babiloni - Cochlear implant features and listening effort induction: measurement of the mental workload experienced during a word in noise recognition task - SAN2016 Meeting - Be Micro System (Download).

  • Yang Jia-lei, Feng Guo-dong, Wu Yin, He Peng, Jin Lang, Yan Juan, Zhao Gang - Clinical and EEG features of ischemic stroke patients with abnormal discharges - Chin J Contemp Neurol Neurosurg, May 2016, Vol. 16, No. 5 - Sirius BB System (Download).

  • D.Cioncoloni, D.Rosignoli, M.Feurra, S.Rossi, M.Bonifazi, A.Rossi, R.Mazzocchio - Role of brain hemispheric dominance in anticipatory postural control strategies - Exp Brain Res (2016) 1-9 - STM9000 Magnetic Stimulator (Download).

  • P.Luu, E.M.E.Arumugam, E.Anderson, A.Gunn, D.Rech, S.Turovets, D.M.Tucker - Slow-Frequency Pulsed Transcranial Electrical Stimulation for Modulation of Cortical Plasticity Based on Reciprocity Targeting with Precision Electrical Head Modeling - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 1 August 2016, Volume 10, Article 377 - STM9000 Magnetic Stimulator (Download).

  • H.H.El Shorbagy, M.A.Elsayed, N.M.Kamal, A.A.Azab, M.M.Bassiouny, I.A.Ghoneim - Heart-type fatty acid-binding protein as a predictor of cardiac ischemia in intractable seizures in children - J Pediatr Neurosci. 2016 Jul-Sep; 11(3): 175–181 - Mizar 40 System (Download).

  • A.Radhakrishnan, M.Ganjoo, A.Sundar, A.Chandran, S.Sreedharan, R.Menon, B.Thomas, C.Kesavadas EEG-fMRI Co-Registration: From Research to a Potential Pre-Surgical Tool - Int. J. Neurology Res. 2016 Deccember; 2(3-4): 277-284 - Mizar 40 Amplifier (Download).

Anno 2015

  • M.Akbari, M.T.Joghataei, A.Pourbakhat, M.S.Jenabi - Comparison Between Speech and Non-Speech Stimulus in Dyslexia: A MMN Study - Journal of Language, Linguistics and Literature, Vol. 1, No. 2, 2015, pp. 7-11 (Download).

  • S.H.Hosseini, A.R.Khatoonabadi, H.Dadgar, M.Saadati, G.A.H.Zade - Event-Related Brain Potentials During Picture Naming, Using Early and Late Acquired Words - Middle East J Rehabil Health. 2015 April; 2(2): e26717 - Be Plus System (Download).

  • K.O.Abdulghani, A.A.Gaber, A.A.Abdulaziz, H.H.Afeefy, T.K.Alloush, A.A.Zaki, M.O.Abdulghani - Value of seizure semiology and ictal source analysis in lateralizing and localizing the epileptic zone - The Egyptian Journal of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery 2015, 52(4): 243–248 - Mizar 40 System (Download).

  • D.Arnaldi, F.Famà, F.De Carli, S.Morbelli, M.Ferrara, A.Picco, J.Accardo, A.Primavera, G.Sambuceti, F.Nobili - The Role of the Serotonergic System in REM Sleep Behavior Disorder - SLEEP, Vol. 38, No. 9, 2015 - Be Plus LTM System (Download).

  • J.Franco-Pérez, P.Ballesteros-Zebadúa, J.Manjarrez-Marmolejo - Anticonvulsant effects of mefloquine on generalized tonic-clonic seizures induced by two acute models in rats - BMC Neuroscience (2015) 16:7 DOI 10.1186/s12868-015-0145-7 (Download).

  • G.Vecchiato, G.Tieri, A.Jelic, F.DeMatteis, A.G.Maglione, F.Babiloni - Electroencephalographic Correlates of Sensorimotor Integration and Embodiment during the Appreciation of Virtual Architectural Environments - Frontiers in Psychology - 1 December 2015 - Volume 6 - Article 1944 - Be Micro System (Download).

  • G.Borghini, P.Aricò, G.Di Flumeri, I.Graziani, A.Colosimo, S.Salinari, F.Babiloni, J.-P.Imbert, G.Granger, R.Benhacene, A,Golfetti, S,Bonelli, S.Pozzi - Skill, Rule and Knowledge-based Behaviors Detection during Realistic ATM Simulations by Means of ATCOs’ Brain Activity - Fifth SESAR Innovation Days, 1st – 3rd December 2015 - Be Micro System (Download).

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  • P.Aricò, G.Borghini, I.Graziani, J.-P.Imbert, G.Granger, R.Benhacene, S.Pozzi, L.Napoletano, G.Di Flumeri, A.Colosimo, F.Babiloni - Air-Traffic-Controllers (ATCO): Neurophysiological Analysis of Training and Workload ATCO - Italian Journal of Aerospace Medicine, Italian Society of Aerospace Medicine (AIMAS), 2015, pp.35 - Be Micro System (Download).

  • G.Cartocci, A.G.Maglione, G.Vecchiato, G.Di Flumeri, A.Colosimo, A.Scorpecci, P.Marsella, S.Giannantonio, P.Malerba, G.Borghini, P.Aricò, F.Babiloni - Mental workload estimations in unilateral deafened children - 978-1-4244-9270-1/15/$31.00 ©2015 IEEE - Be Micro System (Download).

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  • Mehran Emadi Andani, M.Tinazzi, N.Corsi, M.Fiorio - Modulation of Inhibitory Corticospinal Circuits Induced by a Nocebo Procedure in Motor Performance - PLOS ONE | DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0125223 - STM 9000 magnetic stimulator (Download).

Anno 2014

  • A.Sasidharana, S.Kumar, J.P.John, B.M.Kutty - Altered Sleep Stage 2 Dynamics and Disrupted Sleep Among Patients with Recent-Onset Schizophrenia: a Whole Night Polysomnography Study - Poster Presented at 8th Congress of Asian Sleep Research Society (ASRS-2014) held at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India - Mizar 40 System (Download).

  • V.Dhiman, S.Sinha, V.S.Rawat, K.J.Vijaysagar, H.Thippeswamy, S.Srinath, S.K.Chaturvedi, P.Satishchandra - Children with psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES): A detailed semiologic analysis and modified new classification - Brain & Development 36 (2014), 287-293 (Download).

  • G. Vecchiato, G. Di Flumeri, A.G. Maglione, P. Cherubino, W. Kong, A. Trettel, F. Babiloni - An electroencephalographic Peak Density Function to detect memorization during the observation of TV commercials - Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2014; 2014:6969-72 - Be Plus System (Download).

  • T.Ius, G.Pauletto, M.Isola, G.Gregoraci, R.Budai, C.Lettieri, R.Eleopra, L.Fadiga, M.Skrap - Surgery for insular low-grade glioma: predictors of postoperative seizure outcome - J Neurosurg 120:12-23, 2014 - Mizar Sirius System (Download).

  • Jun Han, Guo-Wei He, Zhi-Wu Chen - Protective Effect and Mechanism of Total Flavones from Rhododendron simsii Planch on Endothelium-Dependent Dilatation and Hyperpolarization in Cerebral Ischemia-Reperfusion and Correlation to Hydrogen Sulphide Release in Rats - Hindawi Publishing Corporation Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Volume 2014, Article ID 904019, 11 pages (Download).

  • G.Frisardi, G.Chessa, A.Lumbau, S.Okkesim, B.Akdemir, S.Kara, E.M.Staderini, A.Ferrante, F.Frisardi - The Reliability of the Bilateral Trigeminal Roots-motor Evoked Potentials as an Organic Normalization Factor: Symmetry or Not Symmetry? - Dentistry 2014, S2 - NeMus 2 System (Download).

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  • L.Buratti, G.Viticchi, L.Falsetti, C.Cagnetti, S.Luzzi, M.Bartolini, L.Provinciali, M.Silvestrini - Vascular Impairment in Alzheimer’s Disease: The Role of Obstructive Sleep Apnea - Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease 38 (2014) 445-453 - Be Micro System (Download).

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  • Nam Jae Lee, Hyun Jung Ahn, Kwang-Ik Jung, Suk Hoon Ohn, Jeonghoon Hong, Yun Joong Kim, Woo-Kyoung Yoo - Reduction of Continuous Theta Burst Stimulation-Induced Motor Plasticity in Healthy Elderly With COMT Val158Met Polymorphism - Ann Rehabil Med 2014; 38(5): 658-664 - STM9000 Magnetic Stimulator (Download).

  • N.Komeilipoor, C.M.Vicario, A.Daffertshofer, P.Cesari - Talking hands: tongue motor excitability during observation of hand gestures associated with words - Frontier in Human Neuroscience, September 2014, Volume 8, Article 767 - STM9000 Magnetic Stimulator (Download).

  • T.Ius, G.Pauletto, M.Isola, G.Gregoraci, R.Budai, C.Lettieri, R.Eleopra, L.Fadiga, M.Skrap - Surgery for insular low-grade glioma: predictors of postoperative seizure outcome - J Neurosurg. 2014 Jan; 120(1) :12-23 - Mizar System (Download).

Anno 2013

  • S.Khullar, A.Sood, S.Sood - Auditory Brainstem Responses and EMFs Generated by Mobile Phones - Indian J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2013 Dec; 65(Suppl 3): 645–649 (Download).

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  • J.Han, Zhi-Wu Chen, Guo-Wei He - Acetylcholine- and Sodium Hydrosulfide-Induced Endothelium-Dependent Relaxation and Hyperpolarization in Cerebral Vessels of Global Cerebral Ischemia–Reperfusion Rat - J Pharmacol Sci 121, 318-326 (2013) (Download).

  • J.Rey de Castro, E.Rosales-Mayor - Clinical and polysomnographic differences between OSAH patients with/without excessive daytime - Sleep And Breathing, January 2013 - Be Light System (Download).

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  • Zhen Hong, Tian-Hua Yang, Ming-Hai Tang, Heng Zhang, Hong-Xia Li, Lei Chen, Qin Chen, Dong Zhou - A novel kindling model of temporal lobe epilepsy in rhesus monkeys induced by Coriaria lactone - Epilepsy & Behavior 29 (2013) 457-465 - Mizar System (Download).

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  • Liang-hong Yang, Long-yuan Jiang, Rui-yan Lu, Jian-qiang Zhong, Shu-qiong Liu, En-xiang Tao, Jian-hong Ye - Correlation between the changes in ambulatory electroencephalography findings and epilepsy recurrence after medication withdrawal among the population in Southern China - Neurol Med Chir (Tokyo), 53, 12-16, 2013 - Halley 32 System (Download).

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Anno 2012

  • J.A.Micoulaud-Franchi, R.Richieri, M.Cermolacce, A.Loundou, C.Lancon, J.Vion-Dury - Parieto-temporal alpha EEG band power at baseline as a predictor of antidepressant treatment response with repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: A preliminary study - J Affect Disord. 2012 Mar; 137(1-3): 156-60 (Download).

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  • C.T.Ramachandraiah, S.Sinha, A.B.Taly, S.Rao, P.Satishchandra - Interrelationship of sleep and juvenile myoclonic epilepsy (JME): A sleep questionnaire‐, EEG‐, and polysomnography (PSG)‐based prospective case–control study - Epilepsy & Behavior 25 (2012), 391-396 (Download).

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Anno 2011

  • Kastytis Dapšys - Study of psychiatric disorders and evaluation of their treatment using method of auditory evoked potential P300 - Doctoral dissertation Biomedical Sciences, Biophysics, 2011, University of Vilnius - Mizar Sirius System (Download).

  • E.Bosco, E.Marton, A.Feletti, B.Scarpa, P.Longatti, P.Zanatta, E.Giorgi, C.Sorbara - Dynamic monitors of brain function: a new target in neurointensive care unit - Critical Care 2011, 15:R170 (Download).

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