• Nexam Pro

    Comprehensive wireless urodynamics system

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Nexam Pro

Nexam Pro is an easy-to-use, comprehensive system that offers unique flexibility and modularity, ideal for both routine clinical urodynamics and research.

Bluetooth® technology provides a variety of functionalities such as multiple wireless uroflow, wireless pressure/EMG recording and a wireless speed controlled catheter puller system.

The wireless pressures and EMG interface provides the patient complete freedom of movement during the test.

Nexam Pro's unique and user-friendly Virtual Instructor Program (VIP) guides you step-by-step through investigation by delivering high quality results, quickly and easily. 

Fully customizable procedures and reports 

Highly-intuitive built-in software includes an efficient patient database for easy storage and retrieval of examination data.

Data management in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation – Regulation (EU) 2016/679


Extended Functionalities (optional):

  • Urodynamics (UDS) with Urethral Pressure Profile (UPP)
  • Electromyography (EMG) recording
  • Biofeedback
  • Neuro stimulation module
  • Video urodynamics
  • Anorectal manometry


Optimize Workflow (optional):

  • Integrate your clinical data with a Hospital Information System (HIS) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • EMR/HIS connectivity
  • Complete HL7
  • DICOM PACS- offers time saving routines and paperless procedures

Choose T-DOC® Air-Charged or Fluid-Filled catheters for pressure recording.

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