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    STM 9000

    Latest generation transcranial magnetic stimulator

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STM 9000

STM 9000

The STM9000 is the powerful repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulator (rTMS) intended for the stimulation of cortical and peripheral nerves for diagnostic, therapeutic purposes, and scientific research.

The device is based on multiprocessor technology with different simulation modalities (manual, automatic, double Stimulus, Theta-Burst, repetitive stimulation (rTMS)) and it is available in four different versions: Basic (up to 10 Hz), Standard (up to 30 Hz), Fast (up to 50Hz), Ultra-Fast version (up to 100 Hz). The Basic, Standard, Fast versions provide mono-phasic and bi-phasic stimulation morphologies, whereas the Ultra-Fast version also provides the sinusoidal stimulation morphology. 



  • The wide TFT display allows to easily visualize parameters such as stimulation intensity, morphology, coil temperature, and trigger.
  • The dedicated keys and the knob of the control console allows to setup charge percentage and other settings. 
  • The 2-channel MEP module allows displaying the motor response of the magnetic stimulator on the TFT screen.
  • The (optional) STM protocol manager allows the definition of several protocols in the PC laptop and stores them internally in the STM.


  • TFT 8,4” Interactive Color Display
  • Control Console with Knob and 5 Multifunction Keys
  • Color LED Status Indications
  • Up to 100Hz of Stimulation Frequency
  • Double Stimulation Function (BI Option)
  • Many Available Coils (including Cooled and Placebo)
  • Magnetic Field up to 4.2 Tesla (Depending on the used Coil)
  • Two Channels MEP Module (Option)
  • TTL IN/OUT Trigger
  • Compatible with Most EMG Systems on the Market
  • Footswitch Trigger Input
  • Dedicated Trolley with Coil’s Arm Support, Retractile Draw and Printer Shelf (Option)
  • The Galileo application offers the possibility to create shared databases and workflows, to read the exams on other PCs in the network in the service.
  • The (optional) HL7 Compatibility allows integration and communication with other software platforms for the exchange of medical data
  • Monophasic, Biphasic and Sinusoidal Morphologies
  • Up to 100Hz of Stimulation Frequency
  • Double Stimulation Function (BI Option)
  • Burst and Theta Burst Capabilities
  • Full-Screen MEP Visualization
  • Protocol Management Program with PC Interface
  • MEP Report Program with PC Interface


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