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  • NetBrain 9000 Neuronavigator


    Advanced neuronavigation system designed to map brain areas and to support the operator during TMS and rTMS sessions.

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NetBrain 9000 Neuronavigator

Powerful new generation Neuronavigator System for ripetitive transcranial magnetic stimulator (rTMS), available in different versions and compatible with most rTMS systems on the market.
NetBrain 9000 Neuronavigator, combined with STM 9000, is a hardware and software system enabling a precise and individual navigation of a TMS coil above a specific brain anatomical area, as well as an imaging-guided navigation of the TMS coil to functionally defined brain regions-of-interest.
The system contains the NetBrain 9000 software package, a special neuronavigation software module and it allows to display specific brain anatomy from the patient/subject loading his own individual MRI images or using a standard model. This allows powerful and precise TMS stimulation on specific brain area.
The equipment is available in different versions for clinical neurophysiology, neuropsychiatry, research etc.

NetBrain Ultimate Version

The complete configuration for rTMS applications includes:

- Transcranic Magnetic Stimulator STM 9000

- Butterfly Coil for motor threshold evaluation

- Butterfly Coil Air Cooled for repetitive stimulations

- Double Monitor Neuronavigation System with professional trolley

- Galileo Software for patient data, protocols and report management

- Comfortable chair with ergonomic coil support

STM9000 Standalone

NetBrain 9000 Value Version

The complete configuration for rTMS applications includes:

- Height-adjustable light trolley

- Medical grade Panel PC with 24-inch touch screen display and waterproof mouse and keyboard

- Buffer battery included in the panel PC for short power supply interruptions

- Optical tracker

- Network and trigger interfaces for the connection with common magnetic stimulators