• Cystoscopy Needle

    For precision injections into bladder wall

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Cystoscopy Needle

InjeTAK botulinum toxin needles are used for the treatment of bladder overactivity (OAB) and neurological detrusor overactivity (NDO).


VERSATILITY.The retractable tip of the needle protects the cystoscope and does not require any protective sheath. The needle can be adjusted to a variable length of 0, 2, 3, 4, and 5 mm to adapt to the thickness of the bladder wall.

NEEDLE FEATURES.The injeTAK needles with their 4.8 Fr diameter allow for use in combination with pediatric cystoscopes. The angle of the needle allows to minimize the force of the puncture, while the design of the cannula guarantees flexibility and structural integrity at the same time.

AVAILABLE DIMENSIONS: 35 cm – DIS199 or 70 cm – DIS201.


0 mm – The needle is retracted to protect the cystoscope

2 mm – Injections into the apical wall of the bladder

3 – 4 mm – Injections into the sidewall of the bladder

5 mm – Injections of the prostate or the lower bladder wall

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