• BE Plus PRO

    Disruptive amplifiers for every need

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BE Plus Pro ADVANCED represents the state of the art of EB Neuro solutions. The high number of both cephalic and bipolar channels, combined with the high sampling frequency and the wide bandwidth allow the use of this solution in all Neurodiagnostic applications. 

BE Plus Pro ADVANCED is indicated for polysomnography studies. 



  • Top performance amplifier with sampling rate up to 32KHz and 24-bit ADC.
  • Multi-modality connectivity (USB, LAN, and Wi-Fi). 
  • Automatic sleep scoring according to the criteria of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).


  • Cascade option up to 4 amplifiers
  • Integrated and self-calibrating pulse oximetry module for SpO2, HR and PLET
  • Full HD EEG Video Module
  • Compatible with Windows 10 Professional
  • Integration with EEGLab, Matlab, LSL (Lab Streaming Layer), OpenViBE
  • SDK for direct access to EEG data for research



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