R & D

EB Neuro considers essential to invest in research and development of new solutions. In the sites of Florence and Colognola Ai Colli (VR) is carried out the research and development activity. Several development teams, composed among others by electronic, computer and biomedical engineers, as well as by professionals in the field of health, work in close collaboration with the most influential Tuscan and Italian realities in the university and Research, designing diagnostic systems of the highest level especially in the neurological field, with digital EEG solutions, Video EEG, polysomnography, EMG/EP, transcranic magnetic stimulation, neuronavigation systems.

EB Neuro's Research and Development Division (R&D) usually tests itsself in evolving contexts, thus anticipating customers and market needs.

The Department, constantly engaged in project activities at national and international level, aims to monitor the evolution of the competitive environment and the current trends of innovation, especially-but not exclusively-in the Neurological field, looking for the best practices to be implemented to design of the new solutions required by the market.