EB Neuro Academy - Online 25 November 2020

Wednesday, November 25, 2020



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Ethiopia NICU equipment training

National Health Institute in Addis Abada (Ethiopia) - NICU project

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EB Neuro in Pole Position: EXCELLENCE IN BUSINESS 2019

The interview will be broadcast

Friday 27 September 2019, starting at 20:30 - Channel 821 SKY

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Happy Birthday EB Neuro!

CARMIGNANO (PO) – On the incredible location of Villa Artimino, a party dinner was held to celebrate the 20 years of EB Neuro.

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Towards next evolution!

In 2018 EB Neuro celebrated his 20th anniversary. Our solutions are present on national and international markets since 1998, accompanying thousands of professionals of healthcare world

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