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Ethiopia NICU equipment training



National Health Institute in Addis Abada (Ethiopia) - NICU project.

EB Neuro team is actually involved in a deep training on its BE Plus Pro systems at National Health Institute in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) for NICU project, where a lot of 80 systems was provide for the major hospitals of the Country. The training was organized by UNICEF Ethiopia, MEG (The Medical Export Group BV), FMoH (Federal Ministry of Health) and it is oriented to 25 biomedical engineers and 3 clinical experts in the pediatric field.

After completion of this training the biomedical engineers will be able to train hospital staff on the correct operating and maintenance of the supplied medical equipment.

At the training are also present people from the FMoH that constantly appreciate the EB Neuro’s systems performances, opening to a collaboration for provide EBNeuro’s solutions to the neurology departments of Ethiopia.


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