Happy Birthday EB Neuro!


CARMIGNANO (PO) – On the incredible location of Villa Artimino, a party dinner was held to celebrate the 20 years of EB Neuro.

The ceremony involved all the employees of the three facilities of Florence, Arbizzano (VR) and Colognola (VR). On this special occasion, dedicated awards were also given to 10 employees who reached - or will reach in the coming months - the 20th year of service at EB Neuro/ATES, the two souls that - merged in 2012 - gave birth to actual company structure.

EB Neuro founder, Ing. Galeazzo SCIARRETTA, got the chance to remember the importance of the achieved goal, wishing the company more and more successes in the near future.

The managing director, Ing. Marco ROSSI, indicated the 20 years as a starting point, with the aim of continuing to be competitive on the Italian market and to successfully attack the new possibilities offered by non-European ones.


EB Neuro: Towards next evolution