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    Galileo NT Line - NetBrain Neuronavigator 9000

    Integrated software for neurologial needs

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Galileo NT Line - NetBrain Neuronavigator 9000

netbrain v5

NetBrain 9000 Neuronavigator is the neuronavigation transcranial magnetic stimulation system designed to support the operator during TMS, rTMS, and Mapping sessions of the brain areas, thanks to the perfect integration with the STM 9000 magnetic stimulator of the same production

Depending on the chosen configuration, NetBrain Neuronavigator can be used in the clinical-diagnostic, therapeutic/rehabilitative field, for the preoperative mapping of motor and language cerebral cortices, as well as for research purposes.

NetBrain 9000 allows precise positioning of the stimulation coil in specific brain areas, with fluid-guided navigation in real-time in order to obtain the functional responses of the afferent areas of interest.



  • The NetBrain 9000 Neuronavigator allows precise navigation for the most popular rTMS systems on the market, as well as with the stimulator of the same STM 9000 line.
  • The STM 9000 BI-STIM version allows to visualize and manage up to two coils on the 3D scene at the same time.
  • It can be integrated with the Be Plus PRO for combined EEG-TMS recording.


NetBrain Ultimate Version


The complete configuration for rTMS applications includes:


- Transcranic Magnetic Stimulator STM 9000

- Butterfly Coil for motor threshold evaluation

- Butterfly Coil Air Cooled for repetitive stimulations

- Double Monitor Neuronavigation System with professional trolley

- Galileo Software for patient data, protocols and report management

- Comfortable chair with ergonomic coil support


STM9000 Standalone

NetBrain 9000 Value Version


The complete configuration for rTMS applications includes:


- Height-adjustable light trolley

- Medical grade Panel PC with 24-inch touch screen display and waterproof mouse and keyboard

- Buffer battery included in the panel PC for short power supply interruptions

- Optical tracker

- Network and trigger interfaces for the connection with common magnetic stimulators


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