NeMus 2

    Polyvalent and innovative system for neurological diagnosis

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STM 9000 1000235 2

EB Neuro enriches the Monitoring of Vital Parameters with the precious information of the contemporary EEG-SEP Monitoring with alternating bilateral stimulation. 

A user interface specially designed for ICU personnel guarantees the real applicability of Neurophysiological Monitoring in the particular intensive care environment, allowing all operators to identify changes on the track that require the advice of an expert, thus anticipating the timing of intervention.

Remote consultation and configurability of the information presented to optimize the control and the assistance of the Neurophysiologist. 



  • 20 channel EEG-SEP monitoring.
  • Patient box with integrated stimulators. 
  • QEEG (Burst Suppression, aEEG, DSA, spectral trend, etc.).
  • Rapid assessment with SEP latency and amplitude trend.
  • Out of range indications (audio, video).


  • Monopolar channels for all kinds of EP/ERP and for EEG/VEEG acquisition
  • Upgradable number of bipolar high dynamic recording channels for EMG/NCS
  • Integrated and self-calibrating pulse oximetry module for SpO2, HR and PLET
  • Full HD 1080p EEG Video Module
  • Compatible with Windows 10 Professional
  • Galileo Suite functionality (link)
  • SDK for direct access to EEG data for research
  • The (optional) HL7 Compatibility allows integration and communication with other software platforms for the exchange of medical data



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