• NetBrain Neuronavigator 9000 & BESA

    Advanced software for Geopositioning & Source Analysis

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NetBrain Neuronavigator 9000 & BESA

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Stereo camera tracking technology measures, identifies, and creates a 3D coordinate file of EEG sensor locations in real time. For use with electrical source imaging software, such as BESA Research software.

Simply scanning the sensors using a probe. 3D coordinate sensor positions are computed in real time and the sensor cloud is displayed on the monitor.



  • Guided geolocation for 3D digitization of EEG headcaps up to 128 channels
  • Export of electrodes position and EEG signals to BESA with automatic Source Analysis
  • Tool for automatic correction of digitized electrodes position (ex: involuntary movements of the headset)


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