• NExT Station

    NExT Station

    The latest and most advanced system that combines more than twenty years of experience

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NExT Station

NExT Station

It is the latest and most advanced system that combines more than twenty years of experience.

Very high sampling rates combined with extremely sophisticated filtering algorithms, allow a high quality acquisition typical of high-cost systems.

It is a multi-purpose instrument, of the latest generation with completely digital technology, able to integrate perfectly into the demanding realities of every neurophysiology laboratory thanks to its extreme modularity.

The system is available in two configurations (all-in-one and portable) with different dimensions to adapt to several clinical environments.

Is the first system from EB NEURO that is just dedicated to the Electromyography (EMG), Electroneurography (ENG) and Evoked Potentials (EP).


NExT Advanced Touch Pad

EB Neuro, to keep up with the latest technology available on the market, has designed a dedicated and modern app.

Through the external tablet you can achive full remote control of the system.

The user can easily execute an exam without being at the workstation. A function that has become in some contest fondamental given the past two years of pandemic.



  • All-in-one EMG/EP system with dedicated controls, built-in stimulators and high-quality audio
  • Multi-channel electrical stimulation
  • 4 channels for ENG/EMG/EP execution
  • Mounting control via LEDs
  • Lifetime software updates


The convenient dedicated touch screen allows the user to complete an entire exam without having to use the keyboard or mouse. This simple Control Panel contains the keys main and track framework.
Includes all kinds of stimulators and built-in speakers that allow you to have high quality audio and any additional connectors for external devices.


  • Possibility to stop the average for every channel individually in the EP.
  • Possibility to clone a trace.
  • Stimulation artifact reduction.
  • The Galileo application offers the possibility to create shared databases and workflows, to read the exams on other PCs in the network in the service.
  • The (optional) HL7 Compatibility allows integration and communication with other software platforms for the exchange of medical data.



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