Esophageal Catheter Perfusion

You can choose from a full range of catheters with a wide range of technical specifications for gastrointestinal investigations. These catheters are available in both single-use and reusable versions in many different configurations.

Disposable catheters offer many benefits: no cleaning (time-saving), no risk for cross infections, and no risk of cancelling studies due to catheter failure.

Our reusable HRM/HRIM catheters are designed to meet the clinical needs of physicians and include catheters spacers for ease of use. Other designs in various diameters, spacings, and additional options can be made on request. 

You have a great variety of catheters to choose from, offering a solution for each of your patient groups, each of your investigation types, and for each budget. We can even make a customized catheter to your own design for research or for very specific investigations, on request. 


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