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    BE Micro aEEG

    Our solution for ambulatory EEG recordings

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BE Micro aEEG

BE Micro aEEG is the newest, most easy to use cerebral function monitor (CFM) solution available to busy NICUs. Designed to account for NICU workflows - from electrode application, to monitoring, event annotation and review. The BE Micro aEEG easily integrates into the NICU’s neonatal brain monitoring protocols. 



  • The CFM Acquisition Box allows the use of a reference electrode in neutral zone to eliminate alterations on the amplitude of the signal. 
  • aEEG on three derivation simultaneously.
  • Simultaneous representation of: aEEG, raw EEG and continuous impedance monitoring.
  • Intuitive design, workflow guidance and seamless interface.


  • Touch-screen monitor that is quick and easy to use in the NICU and easily transportable
  • Integrated and self-calibrating pulse oximetry module for SpO2, HR and PLET
  • Full HD EEG Video Module
  • Compatible with Windows 10 Professional
  • Possibility to configure the workspace according to the clinician's needs
  • Galileo Suite allows a complete analysis both online through TRENDs and offline through signal measurements in the time and frequency domain
  • The (optional) HL7 Compatibility allows integration and communication with other software platforms for the exchange of medical data



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